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Fix Your Chin Ups

Chin ups are one of the best exercises out there that help relative upper body strength and have been a staple in training programs forever. The problem is chin up technique is typically butchered by most people. There are many ways you can mess up a chin up but in this article I want to talk about the most common one I see: lack of core control.

If you go read blogs are watch videos from the top strength coaches in the industry you will see a ton of content on how to control the core and prevent rib flare during overhead pressing. In fact, many coaches shy away from strict overhead pressing and prescribe half kneeling landmine presses because it’s easier for the athletes to control their core with the landmine variation.

There’s all this attention on core control during overhead pressing but I’ve never seen any of these coaches talk about core control during any overhead pulling exercises. Which is interesting to me. Even though one exercise is pressing and one is pulling the body is still in pretty much the same position, right? So if core control is important during one it should be important during the other, right?

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